Temperature probes are an important piece of equipment, especially in the storage and cooking of food. If your product is not stored correctly then it can lose its freshness quicker and frozen foods can spoil if the freezing temperature isn’t maintained. Incorrectly stored food can cause dire problems with the human digestive system. The same with food that is not correctly cooked, it can cause illnesses and completely destroy a company’s reputation. So how do you ensure your temperature probes are correct? Let’s look at how to check them and fix them.

Cold test

You might think working out if your temperature probe is correct would be a hard task, probably involving another probe or tester. However, checking the temperature of a cold thermometer is as easy as ice. Simply fill up a glass or container with ice and icy cold water, stir it to make sure the temperature is even, insert the probe and wait 30 seconds. By this time your thermometer should show a reading of between -1 and 1 degrees Celsius or between 30 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. If the reading is between these degrees, then your temperature probe is reading correctly. However, if it is not reading correctly you need to calibrate it. This is usually achieved by turning the dial/nut under the reading face. While the probe is still in the water adjust the dial until the reading is correct.

Hot test

Testing the correct heat of a temperature probe is also not difficult. This time, instead of a cup of cold water you want boiled water. The probe should indicate a temperature of between 99 and 101 degrees Celsius or 210 to 214 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjusting the temperature probe is done in the same way, leave it in the water while you dial in the temperature. If your temperature probe doesn’t have an accessible calibration nut, then you may need to get professional assistance or buy a new one.


To ensure that you continue to provide safe, fresh, and healthy foods to your clients you should check your temperature probes regularly. Get yourself and your employees into the habit of checking them at the beginning of every shift and whenever the probe has been dropped or harshly treated. Starting with a quality temperature probe will usually be better in the long run than buying cheap probes that will need replacing more often. Begin with a reputable dealer like RS and find the right temperature probe for your business.

Calibrating your temperature probes is essential to ensure they are working correctly and that your food is safe and fresh. Test them at least daily and as often as necessary. Contact the team at RS for quality temperature probes and expert advice. Don’t let your business fail because you are using inferior products that aren’t calibrated correctly. Start with RS and keep your business on the right track. Contact the team today, online or by phone, and get the quality you and your customers deserve.