Twitch bans 'modesty' in updated content policy

Twitch, an Amazon-owned platform, is revising its policies on sexual content, specifically targeting attire that implies nudity. Despite the existing prohibition on nudity, the new policy aims to explicitly forbid any suggestion or implication of partial or complete nudity by users. This includes actions such as covering private areas with a censor bar, as Twitch emphasizes the need for streamers to wear appropriate clothing.

Angela Hession, the Chief Customer Trust Officer, communicated these changes in a blog post, pointing out that even thumbnails featuring such content could be unsettling for some users. While content tagged under sexual themes is not displayed on the home page,.

it is accessible in the content browsing section, prompting Twitch to develop an update that blurs thumbnails for content labeled with sexual themes. Additionally, users will soon have the ability to filter content marked under mature themes like sexual content, alcohol, tobacco, or explicit language.

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This policy adjustment follows a recent relaxation of Twitch’s sexual content rules, which allowed the display of previously restricted material. However, some creators began pushing the boundaries of the new policy, with instances like an OnlyFans model named Morgpie strategically positioning the camera to suggest toplessness without technically violating the platform’s nudity policy. Such instances sparked controversy on the platform, prompting Twitch to reevaluate and strengthen its guidelines.