Whether you’re at home, at the office, or at a restaurant, hotel, or shop, there’s always an open Wi-Fi signal you can connect to!

IP addresses are unique numbers assigned to devices connected to the Internet. They identify devices so that data can be routed correctly. Maybe your home router has the Piso WiFi pause time address. This10.0.0.1 Piso WiFi- is the most efficient and powerful solution to get fast and smooth internet.

In this article, I’m going to show you the complete information on the Piso WiFi Router and Piso wifi portal pause time.

So, Let’s get started.

What is 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi?

Piso WiFi is one of the most prominent internet services in the Philippines. PISONET founded this Internet Service company Piso WiFi Vendo in 2017.

The reason for the popularity is that internet and WiFi charges are very high in the Philippines, and many people are unable to afford them so to help these people.

Keep in mind, that PISONET was an internet service company that launched in 2011. In 2017, Piso WiFi replaced Pisonet with the introduction of vending machines.

What is 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi Vendo Pause?

10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi Vendo Pause Time in the router allows multiple users to connect to the Internet at the same time. Basically, the special feature, Piso WiFi Pause Time, the feature allows internet connection temporarily for a specific time period. It would be e good practice to limit data usage.

To access the Piso WiFi Pause Time feature, log in to your router’s web interface and go to the “Pause Time” page. From there, you can set the pause duration and also specify which devices will be affected by it.

Features of 10.0 0.1 Piso WiFi

Piso wifi have many features. One of the most useful pausing times is a special-purpose IP address often used by router manufacturers. From the admin panel, you can configure it.

You can use to troubleshoot any connectivity issues you may have with your router or modem.

Here are the features of Piso WiFi:

  • This Wifi router uses only 12 volts of electricity.
  • Its signal range is high.
  • You can enter 1, 5, or 10 peso coins.
  • Set up port forwarding.
  • Each user gets the same bandwidth.
  • It does not require installation.
  • Update your router’s firmware
  • Restore factory defaults
  • It blocks malicious websites.
  • This Wifi support connects more than 100 devices at the same time.
  • CPE Antenna 200-300 is used.

What are the Benefits of Piso WiFi and its Pause Time Feature?

Apart from the many types of features, Piso WiFi and  Piso WiFi Pause Time have many benefits. This wifi router manages the bandwidth and ensures that it has a connection. For one, it can help you control your WiFi network and ensure that only authorized devices are able to connect to it.

  • The IP address of Pisco WiFi is significant and valuable and can be used multiple times.
  • The IP address of Pisco is a very secure way to connect to the internet. Your personal information will be encrypted and secured from the black hacker with this connection. 
  • This router is very impeccably developed and anyone can use it anytime without an in-depth strategy. Simply put, it has a unique design that allows people to use its services without going through a complicated installation process
  • If you want a secure and private internet connection through wifi, the Piso WiFi service is the best for them.
  • It helps you manage data transfer capacity, customers, subscribers, and most importantly time rates.

Pricing of Piso  WiFi

The Price of the PISO WiFi is 18,999. By the way, along with wifi router, you will get many other devices at this price;

  • 3 months warranty period.
  • 1pc outdoor CPE antenna.
  • 1 pc 3×4 tarpaulin.
  • Eleven meter UTP cable for CPE antenna.
  • Lifetime support.

How to use Piso Wifi?

Piso WiFi modems and routers are private IP addresses often used. If you want to open the setting of the router, you need to enter in the address bar in the web browser. And, after that, you have to enter the router’s username and password.

Ensure that you are connected to the correct WiFi network, If you’re having trouble accessing your router’s settings page. You should also check if the IP address of your router has been changed.

Piso WiFi Login?(Step-by-Step)

  • First of all, you need to launch a web browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari).
  • Then, you have to put this URL paste “” or try “”  in the URL bar and open the link.
  • After login into the website page, you will see username and password fields. In it, all you need to do to sign in to is enter the default login “username and password”. Fill in the credentials and log in here.
  • After login, you can change a lot of features like Wi-Fi settings, LAN settings, username, password, passphrase, etc.

Is there any error in using

Till Now, When I am checking and observing this router for someday I have not found any error with using as your router’s IP address. 

 Piso Wifi is one of the most used addresses for home routers. By the way, It has drawbacks to using for WiFi First, Some router block this Web address. In addition. Using the Pause time feature Piso WiFi use more bandwidth than other addresses. Finally, is only available for Windows devices and may not be compatible with all devices or OS.


This is the end of this article. To sum up, If you have a PSIO router at home, you can access it using the IP address and enjoy a good data connection.  You can use Piso Wi-Fi Vendo to secure a private Wi-Fi network. I hope you have got the complete details of Piso wifi and Piso wifi pause time from this article. Keep surfing the internet.