In a post on LinkedIn, PM Modi invites everyone to the AI ​​Summit in 2023.

In the fast-paced journey towards the future, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared India’s proactive role in the unfolding era of artificial intelligence (AI). Global leaders, tech enthusiasts, and stakeholders received an invitation from PM Modi to engage in the upcoming Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit scheduled for 2023. In a recent post, Modi highlighted the transformative impact of AI, emphasizing its positive influence on innovation, technology, healthcare, education, agriculture, and various other fields.

We find ourselves in a captivating era where once seemingly fantastical ideas have materialized due to decades of rapid innovation and human endeavor. Among the fields experiencing exponential growth, artificial intelligence stands out, with Modi asserting that this groundbreaking technology is now in the hands of a new generation of bright minds realizing its vast potential. India, with its youthful demographic, thriving startup ecosystem, and skilled workforce, positions itself as an active participant in the ongoing evolution of AI.

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Modi emphasized India’s ability to provide scalable, secure, cost-effective, durable, and globally replicable AI solutions. The Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) program was cited as an exemplary initiative, showcasing India’s innovative endeavors. Over the past decade, technology has propelled India forward significantly, achieving in a few years what other nations took a generation. The swift adoption of smartphones, widespread internet access, and scalable digital inclusion models have played crucial roles.

In the realm of AI, India employs technology for various constructive purposes, including educating citizens in their native languages, personalized and streamlined education, improved healthcare access, and enhanced agricultural knowledge. India’s growth model is characterized by inclusivity and egalitarianism, with innovation geared towards ensuring that no one is left behind.

The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), where India holds a co-founder position, was deemed essential by Modi. GPAI, comprising the EU and its 28 member nations, aims to guide the ethical development and application of AI. Modi asserted that India has actively contributed to GPAI since its establishment in June 2020, participating in initiatives that promote the creation, application, and adoption of open, safe, secure, and accountable AI. India’s commitment to reliable and safe AI was underscored by the elections held for its council in November 2022.