"Prime Minister Modi Urges Citizens to Illuminate Homes with Diyas on January 22nd"

Prime Minister Modi has issued a plea to the nation’s devotees, urging them not to travel to Ayodhya on January 22. According to him, it is essential to avoid any actions that may disturb Lord Ram. During the inauguration of the Maharishi Valmiki Airport in Ayodhya, PM Modi emphasized that devotees should refrain from causing any inconvenience to Lord Ram. The event also saw the unveiling of various development projects, including new trains and upgraded railway stations.

In a humble request, PM Modi implored people not to visit the Ram Temple on January 22 and suggested waiting until after January 23. Due to logistical and security constraints, accommodating everyone interested in attending the event is not feasible. Prime Minister Modi advised patience, emphasizing the temple’s age of more than 550 years. Instead of visiting the temple on January 22, he proposed lighting a diya at home, suggesting the day be observed as a nationwide Diwali celebration.

PM Modi emphasized the importance of not disrupting the long-standing preparations for this historic occasion. He assured that there is no urgency, as the temple will stand for generations. While any time from January to March of the following year is acceptable, he urged against visiting on January 22. To ensure the temple administration faces no challenges, he highlighted the limited number of invitations to the ceremony, making visiting more convenient from January 23 onward.

Addressing the citizens of Ayodhya, PM Modi called for making the city the cleanest in the nation to prepare for millions of tourists annually. He encouraged residents to take an oath for Ayodhya to become the cleanest city and announced a nationwide temple cleaning campaign ahead of the Ram Temple’s opening on January 22. Additionally, he declared an eight-day Swacchata campaign starting on January 14 in honor of Makar Sakranti. PM Modi emphasized the collective ownership of Lord Ram by the entire nation, stating that no temple, regardless of size, should remain unclean.

During his visit to Ayodhya, PM Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for 46 development projects worth 15,700 crore. This visit is considered a significant step preceding the consecration of the Ram Temple on January 22. PM Modi officially opened the premier Maharishi Valmiki International Airport and flagged off two Amrit Bharat and six Vande Bharat trains, along with the reopening of the Ayodhya Dham Junction railway station.

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