My ToolsTown: Unveiling the Ultimate DIY Paradise

“My Tools Town is a popular platform offering various tools for boosting Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube metrics such as followers, subscribers, likes, and views. Users flock to this website to enhance their social media presence, employing services like Instagram followers, TikTok likes, and YouTube views. However, like any tool, it comes with both positive and negative aspects.


  • Anonymous Usage: Users can send followers to their primary account without logging in, ensuring a level of privacy.
  • No Usage Limits: My Tools Town imposes no restrictions on usage, allowing users to employ the platform as often as desired.
  • Security: The application claims to be secure as it doesn’t require Instagram login information.
  • Active Accounts: It asserts that only active and valid accounts will follow and like through the application.


  • Against Instagram Policies: Using third-party applications like My Tools Town to boost followers goes against Instagram’s policies.
  • Service Availability: The services provided by the application may not always be accessible.
  • No iOS Version: As of now, there is no iOS version of the application available.

How to Use My Tools Town:

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Link your Instagram username to the application for immediate login.
Earn credits within the app by following and liking Instagram accounts.
Utilize earned credits to increase likes and followers on your Instagram account.
Navigate to the Instagram Auto Liker section, enter the username, and click “Open.”
Click “Search” after entering the desired account’s username.
Credits are awarded for clicking the follow button.

Return to the dashboard, click on Auto Followers, enter the number of followers, complete the Google Captcha, and click “Promote.”


While increasing your Instagram following may seem challenging, My Tools Town offers a straightforward approach. Though it is a third-party application, its claim to provide real followers may reduce concerns about account deletion. Users seeking to build their Instagram following may find this tool beneficial, considering its focus on account information protection.


1 . Can I download the latest movies from My Tools Town without risking my computer?

Avoiding spammy ads and popups reduces the risk of malware and performance issues.

2 . Is the My Tools Town website legal or illegal?


It is legal, as providing free fictitious social media followers does not involve financial risk.

3 . Why has the My Tools Town website become well-known?

The platform gained popularity for offering free social media followers, attracting millions of visitors globally each month.”