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Some NMIMS Assignment Subject Field


1. Financial Management

2. Human Resource Management

3. Customer Relationship Management

4. Marketing Research


1. Supply Chain Management

2. Operations Management

3. Business Management

4. Financial Management


1. Managerial Economics

2. Accounting for Management

3. Information Technology Management

4. Business Communication


1. Accountancy.

2. Financial Systems.

3. Taxation

4. Business Management


1. Corporate Communication

2. IT Management

3. Business Management

4. Project Management

5. Operations Management

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1. PDF

2. Books


4. Assignments Help

5. Typing Work

6. Content

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8. Writing

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NMIMS Solved Assignment for MBA

If you are a student of NMIMS college and searching for MBA solved assignment then you can get writing services on the below-mentioned subjects: –

  1. MBA solved assignment in Marketing Management.
  2. MBA solved assignment in Human Resource Management.
  3. MBA solved assignment in Financial Management.
  4. MBA solved assignment in Banking and Financial Management.
  5. MBA solved assignment in Operation Management.
  6. MBA solved assignment in Supply Chain Management.
  7. MBA solved assignment in Business Management.
  8. MBA solved assignment in Information Technology and System Management.
  9. MBA solved assignment in International Trade Management.
  10. MBA solved assignment in Retail Management.

NMIMS Solved Assignment for DIPLOMA

NMIMS also provide the assignment for diploma student from given below stream.

Diploma subject

Programs solved assignments in below mention subjects.

Diploma in supply chain management solved assignment.

Diploma in operations management solved assignment.

Diploma in marketing management solved assignment.

Diploma in International trade management solved assignment.

Diploma in Human resource management solved assignment.

Diploma in Financial Management solved assignment.

Diploma in Business management solved assignment.

Diploma in Banking and finance management solved assignment.

Diploma in Retail Management solved assignment.

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