While you may not need a virtual staging service when listing a property, it’s nice to have a 3D view of your space before you put it on the market. Virtual staging helps buyers imagine what their belongings would look like in the unit. It doesn’t have to take as long as you might think. The turnaround time of 48 hours is quick and easy, thanks to LCP360.

iGUIDE 360 Degree

An iGUIDE 360 degree panoramic camera can capture three-dimensional images of a home. With the help of this camera, you can add photos to the 3D house tour, and share them with your viewers. In addition, you can even upload videos. Aerial footage can help you showcase the layout of the house and the surrounding neighbourhood. This camera has the ability to measure a floor plan and produce 3D virtual tours that can scale to 3,000 square feet.

A panoramic photo is a collection of several photos taken with a wide-angle or fisheye lens and stitched together using specialized panorama software. Dedicated 360-degree cameras are also available, but the quality is typically low. Most of these cameras have a low-quality option, such as the Ricoh Theta SC. If you decide to use a 360-degree camera, you will need to purchase a spherical head so you can shoot a scene at once. In addition to the camera, you will need a tripod to keep the images still and steady. A tripod is not visible in the finished 360-degree virtual tour.

Matterport’s 3D House Tour

When it comes to virtual staging, there are many benefits to Matterport’s 3D house tour. Matterport’s virtual staging creates appealing staged photos for MLS listings and is the perfect solution for vacant houses. a Realtor can transform a home’s look and feel to appeal to buyers. They can even stage vacant rooms and show prospective buyers a home’s floor plan.

With Matterport’s Virtual Staging feature, buyers can walk through hallways, read Mattertags that highlight key features of a property, and even see 360-degree panoramas and videos embedded on the site. Its showcases are viewable from any location. Hometrack, a real estate marketing software, refines Matterport 3D virtual tours with virtual staging features. This way, agents can offer buyers a realistic virtual experience.

Blue Immersive Media’s 3D House Tour

When used together, 3D visuals and virtual tours are a powerful combination that allows prospective buyers to experience a property without ever setting foot in the property. While these tours are affordable and incredibly effective, you need to use a professional to avoid having a virtual tour look fake. A professional virtual staging company will have extensive experience using the latest 3D software, know where to find top-quality 3D models, and set up realistic textures.

Blue Immersive Media’s virtual staging allows you to add furnishings and accessories to an empty virtual tour so that buyers can easily envision themselves living in the property. This service is available in both full 3D and hybrid tours, so you can tailor the content to meet the preferences of your buyers. This service can also change the lighting to improve the virtual staging. Almost 77 percent of real estate agents believe that staging a property helps it sell faster.

Why Choose Traditional Home Staging?

In the realm of real estate, home staging is a popular practice that allows prospective buyers to visualize themselves living in the home. While traditional home staging is not necessary, it is an investment that can take a considerable amount of time and money. Additionally, staging a home can also cause a delay in open houses and tours. Here are the pros and cons of both. Find out which one is better for you!

The first major benefit of 3D home staging is the ability to offer several design concepts for different audiences. In addition to multiple design concepts, a 3D home tour is easily scalable and can be modified to fit different audiences. The 3D technology can even be used to highlight certain aspects of the selling process, such as a property’s landscape and outdoor features. A 3D house tour is much easier to customize than a traditional photo.