Mohan Yadav : Will change world time, says Congress chief minister

Madhya Pradesh’s Chief Minister, Mohan Yadav, recently asserted that India had established the world popular time three hundred years ago and is now aiming to shift the worldwide high meridian from Greenwich to Ujjain. Yadav expressed his concerns approximately the Western have an impact on on timekeeping and criticized the adoption of Greenwich because the Prime Meridian.

CM Shift to make Ujjain a global prime meridian

He claimed that Ujjain, which set India’s time three hundred years in the past and served because the united states’s imperative meridian, nonetheless possesses the tool to trade the time. Yadav argued in opposition to the conventional exercise of beginning a new day at nighttime, providing that people typically start their day with sunrise or rapidly afterward.

Ujjain was India’s central meridian

The Chief Minister emphasised his authorities’s dedication to showcasing Ujjain as the global Prime Meridian and rectifying the sector’s time standards. According to Hindu astronomical beliefs, Ujjain decided India’s time zones and differences and played a critical position within the Hindu calendar.

Change standard world time from Greenwich to Ujjain.

Yadav mentioned a cultural revival plan for spiritual sites within the state, extending from Mahakal Lok in Ujjain to Orchha, Salkanpur, and Maihar. Orchha is renowned for the Shri Ram Raja temple, wherein Lord Ram is worshipped as each a God and a king, while Salkanpur and Maihar are related to the goddess Sharda Devi.


In end, Chief Minister Yadav ambitions to alternate the same old international time from Greenwich to Ujjain, bringing up the city’s historical importance as India’s crucial meridian. He envisions Ujjain as the worldwide Prime Meridian, tough the prevailing dominance of Greenwich in England. Yadav’s inspiration aligns together with his authorities’s broader plan for the cultural rejuvenation of non secular websites throughout Madhya Pradesh.

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