Netflix new release "The Re-Education of Molly Singer" in February 2024.

Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation is gearing up for the Netflix debut of its today’s movie, ‘The Re-Education of Molly Singer.’ Following its theatrical release on September 29, 2023, the R-rated comedy is ready to optimal on Netflix inside the United States on February five, 2024.

Starring Ty Simpkins and Jaime Pressly in lead roles, the movie follows lawyer Molly Singer’s quest to save her activity by reliving her college days. Tasked with making her boss’s awkward son famous on campus, Molly, observed through her best buddy, faces various demanding situations to reshape her past and secure her destiny. The film also features Nico Santos, Cierra Ramirez, Holland Roden, and Wendie Malick.

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Opinions on ‘The Re-Education of Molly Singer’ range among viewers. While it holds an excellent ninety nine% target audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a few courses have criticized it as unfunny and bloated in their evaluations. The audience’s broader reception remains to be seen.

Traditionally, Lionsgate films make their television debuts on Starz. However, recent developments display smaller movies like ‘Jesus Revolution’ (July 2023) and ‘The Engineer’ (September 2023) choosing a Netflix debut. The film is scheduled to drop on the streaming platform on February 5, 2024. Initially, it is expected to be available on Netflix in the United States, but Lionsgate films regularly discover their manner onto other platforms as properly.

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