"Bigg Boss17 Drama Unleashed: Actor Sobs After Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain's Alteration!"

In a current promo for "Bigg Boss 17," tensions strengthen between Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande, putting their dating to the take a look at at the debatable truth TV show. The upcoming episode showcases Vicky expressing his frustration toward Ankita, leading her to tears as he even questions the muse in their marital bond.

The heated trade starts inside the kitchen, where Ankita is preparing a meal for Vicky. Khanzadi intervenes, providing commands and pressuring Ankita to include precise ingredients. This irritates Ankita, prompting her to tell Khanzadi to cook the meal herself. Vicky steps in, asking Khanzadi to address it, attempting to diffuse the argument.

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Ankita, feeling dissatisfied, mentions, "I cook for you, however you can simplest consume it while Khanzadi chefs it." Vicky responds, "Talk to me in a well mannered way." When Ankita emphasizes that there is existence beyond the show, declaring that Khanzadi might not cook for him, Vicky retorts, asking what she has cooked for him in the beyond 3 years.

As emotions escalate, Ankita breaks down, and Vicky comments on the dearth of love of their relationship, mainly after she exhibits that she have been making ready the meal with love.

Previously, Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande’s moms mentioned the couple’s method on the show. Vicky’s mother expressed problem approximately the strain on their courting, suggesting that it’s time for them to fix their methods with love.

The current season of "Bigg Boss 17" premiered on October 15, hosted through Salman Khan. The topic of the house is "This time, the game might not be the equal for everybody," hinting at potential twists. The Archive Room is added as a brand new feature, serving as a comprehensive library with video documents from each episode. The three homes on "Big Boss 17" are named Dil, Dimag, and Dum. The show is to be had 24/7 on JioCinema, and Colors TV airs it at nine p.M.