On Thursday, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Manoj Pande declared the Agnipath scheme as a groundbreaking initiative in the recruitment and management of personnel. The scheme aims to ensure the induction of younger and technologically adept soldiers across all ranks. Speaking at the convocation cum scroll presentation event at the College of Military Engineering (CME) in Pune, General Manoj Pande highlighted the plan’s significance in retaining the finest personnel as core members.

In addition to discussing the Agnipath scheme, General Pande underscored the crucial role of cutting-edge technology in the armed forces. He urged individuals to approach assignments not only as engineers but also as problem solvers and innovators. Recognizing the rapid technological advancements across various domains, he emphasized the importance of incorporating contemporary techniques and solutions in combat engineering.

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Furthermore, General Pande stressed the need for officers to play a mentoring role and acknowledged the transformative impact of adopting new-age technologies such as drone surveys, augmented and virtual reality. He urged a departure from traditional methodologies, citing four key reasons for this transformation: the evolving nature of warfare, significant changes in socioeconomic conditions, the destructive potential of technology, and unprecedented trends in the geostrategic landscape.

General Pande revealed that a transformation roadmap was initiated a year ago to address these imperatives and adapt to the evolving landscape. He emphasized the importance of steady progress across all pillars of the redesign roadmap to ensure sustained attention and energy in meeting the challenges posed by the dynamic nature of modern warfare.