Bigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal aka Rider to quit the show?

Anurag Dobhal, popularly referred to as UK07 Rider, faced an untimely eviction from Bigg Boss 17and has raised worries about the fairness of his elimination. According to the YouTuber, he believes the producers orchestrated his eviction in reaction to his thinking in their decisions. In an interview with the media, Anurag unfolded approximately feeling unfairly remoted and mistreated at some stage in his time within the house.

Supporters of Anurag Dobhal speculated that either the producers or fellow contestants bullied him at some stage in the display, with some even accusing Salman Khan of unjustly criticizing him on air. In response, Anurag described his revel in as beyond mere bullying, expressing moments of hopelessness and disorientation. Despite the demanding situations, he remained dedicated to speakme reality to electricity and asserted that the ordeal made him stronger, even though he didn’t steady the trophy.

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Anurag Dobhal revealed that the show’s creators misled him into believing that his own family did not want to see him, attributing it to mockery from other contestants. He mentioned dealing with emotional misery because of this incorrect information and commented on comedian Munawar Faruqui’s ability bias towards him, suggesting that energy in a room often way standing on my own.

Anurag accused positive contestants, inclusive of Vicky Jain, of taking advantage of his inclined nation in latest weeks, promising that they might face results for his or her actions. He highlighted the guide he received from the YouTube network, bringing up Elvish Yadav, winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, as a constant best friend who expressed unhappiness at Anurag’s expulsion.

Despite the demanding situations, Anurag commended the instant team spirit in the YouTube network, emphasizing the mutual aid among creators. He expressed gratitude for the backing he obtained, now not handiest from Elvish Yadav but from the complete network. Anurag Dobhal recounted that these incidents have eroded religion in fact indicates for plenty, emphasizing the importance of emotional and mental energy for everybody thinking about participation in such packages.