Zeenat Aman accused Feroz Khan of withholding her salary from Qurbani.

Feroz Khan directed the iconic film “Qurbani” in 1980, featuring a stellar cast including Vinod Khanna, Zeenat Aman, Amjad Khan, and others. Recently, Zeenat Aman took to Instagram to reminisce about her time on the set, recalling how Feroz Khan had reduced her salary. In response, Fardeen Khan, Feroz’s son, shared a lighthearted message on his Instagram Story, mentioning a family discount and expressing how his father would have appreciated Zeenat’s post.

Zeenat, in turn, shared Fardeen’s post on Instagram with a purple heart symbol. She also mentioned an interesting tidbit about Oxford’s word for the year 2023, “rizz,” and reflected on her initial encounter with Feroz Khan. Despite a rocky start when she declined a supporting role in the 1970s, Feroz later offered her the lead role in “Qurbani,” marking the beginning of their collaboration.

Zeenat recounted an incident where she arrived late to set after attending a party, and Feroz, instead of scolding her, deducted money from her compensation to cover the staff’s time. Despite this, Zeenat praised Feroz’s sophistication, charm, and talent as a director and actor, declaring “Qurbani” as one of her favorite films.

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The article concludes with a brief overview of the film, highlighting its storyline revolving around two friends, Rajesh (Vinod Khanna) and Amar (Feroz Khan), entangled in a world of crime and deceit.In essence, the rewritten article captures the key events and sentiments while providing a smoother narrative flow in English.