The text-to-speech software is an exciting technology ready to disrupt business communication and make it more efficient. Using AI- Artificial Intelligence, the software converts written text into artificial speech and is used for customer engagement. The software produces a human-like voice and creates a natural customer-friendly call experience and a better customer engagement process. The software converts the written text and reads it aloud into the synthesised speech. With technological advancement, the software produces a verbal language in a humanised voice making the communication process sound more natural. The text-to-speech voice software has taken business communication to the next level through automated business communication.

Today more and more businesses are integrating the text-to-speech Indian voice into their communication channels and connecting with their customers better than ever. So, how are companies using the TTS? Let’s discuss the solution and how businesses are availing of its benefits.

Deliver messages via artificial speech: Instead of communicating with clients with messages in written text, companies are using the text-to-speech Indian voice to render the messages into voice. It is a great way to communicate with the clients as texts have character limitations while voice messages can convey the messages better. Moreover, it can effectively engage with the audience who might be literate or semi-literate and not comfortable reading the text messages and interpreting them correctly. The power of voice messages is that they can deliver the message in the right way, and there’s likely to be less confusion regarding the message the company wants to give to its clients.

Cost-efficiency: Companies use text-to-speech software to make the business communication process more efficient. The software automates the process bringing in cost savings. The dependency on human resources is minimised as the software accurately reads the text. Moreover, the software is available at budget-friendly prices, so every business, irrespective of the scale of the operation, is utilising the software to improve the customer engagement process.

Indian accent: The Indian Text to speech delivers messages in Indian English and an accent that is easily understood by the Indian audience. The English-speaking audience residing in metros or Tier 1 or tier 2 cities prefer communication in an Indian accent and English. The text-to-speech voice delivers messages in the preferred language and pronunciation, allowing customers to understand and interpret the messages quickly. So, companies are increasingly using the software to communicate with their customers better.

Localisation: Indian text to speech software lets companies connect with their target audience in India, which boasts multi-cultural and multilingualism. The software enables companies to choose from a global vocabulary list and better connect with their target audience. The TTS software can produce human-like voices in different languages, including Hindi and other languages. Also, companies are using different accents to communicate with customers in local and regional languages. The software is helping businesses to tap the regional and local market in the language the local customers prefer. So, it increases the probability of acquiring more customers as the communication is perceived as familiar and personalised.

Automation– The text-to-speech Indian voice software automates the client communication process. By reducing human intervention and using artificial intelligence, businesses are making business communication efficient as the software reads aloud the written text accurately, relieving the live agents from the routine task of reminding the customers of the scheduled tasks to be performed. Businesses are using the software to remind customers of functions such as appointments, due dates, and events. Timely alerts help to engage the customers better. Also visit here Poocoin


The text-to-speech software is highly useful in automating and improving business communication. By using the solution, businesses can provide better customer experiences and acquire/ retain a large number of customers. The solution takes off the burden from the live agents for routine client communication and lets them focus on complex customer problems and solve them to provide better CX. To get the text-to-speech voices, you need to contact a reliable company that can offer you the product at the best prices. Knowlarity is a leading cloud telephony company with a strong presence in India and more than 65 countries. It offers an impeccable range of voice products, including Indian text to speech software.