Ayushmann Khurrana and Sunny Deol on the popular movie "Border 2."

Following the immense success of the film “Gadar 2,” Bollywood actor Sunny Deol is set to collaborate with Ayushmann Khurrana for the upcoming movie “Border 2.” According to writer and producer Nidhi Dutta, the shooting for this highly anticipated film is scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2024. With all elements in place, expectations are high for yet another captivating cinematic experience, with Sunny Deol playing a crucial role in “Border 2.”

About Border 2:
“Border 2” is an upcoming blockbuster that features Ayushmann Khurrana and Sunny Deol in leading roles. Positioned as one of the industry’s most significant war films, it aims to showcase the coordinated efforts of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force, providing a comprehensive perspective on the events of the 1971 war. The narrative is expected to interweave personal stories of war heroes and martyrs, infusing a human touch into the grand spectacle of warfare.

Sunny Deol in “Border 2”:
Sunny Deol, renowned for his role in “Gadar 2,” is set to take on another lead role in the historical backdrop of the India-Pakistan 1971 war in “Border 2.” Alongside Ayushmann Khurrana, additional cast members will be announced in the coming weeks. Notably, Nidhi Dutta is credited as the writer of the movie, responsible for crafting the engaging script.

The groundwork for the film began in 2022, involving multiple visits to Delhi to secure necessary permissions from the Defence Ministry for shooting in authentic locations and using real names. The intent is to ensure a faithful representation of historical events. J.P. Dutta, involved in the story, is committed to doing justice to the legacy of the border in this cinematic venture.

Sunny Deol’s Viral Video:
A recent video of Sunny Deol walking on a Mumbai street, appearing under the influence of alcohol, went viral, causing concern among fans. However, Sunny later clarified on social media that the video was a scene from his upcoming movie “Safar.” Putting rumors to rest, he wrote, “Afwaahon ka ‘Safar’ bas yahin tak (the journey of rumors ends right here) #Shooting #BTS.”

Sunny Deol’s Other Projects:
In addition to “Border 2,” Sunny Deol has exciting projects lined up, including the film “Lahore 1947” announced by Aamir Khan earlier this year. Produced by Aamir Khan Productions and directed by Rajkumar Santoshi, this collaboration holds promise given their previous successes with films like Damini, Ghatak, and Ghayal.

Sunny Deol’s collaboration with Ayushmann Khurrana in “Border 2” is generating considerable buzz, promising not only a tribute to the historic events of the 1971 war but also a exploration of the human stories that unfolded during the conflict. Despite a recent viral video causing concern, Sunny Deol assures fans that it was part of his movie shoot, adding anticipation for his upcoming projects in the Bollywood landscape.

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