What is IVR How IVR Can Improve Your Customer Service

Customers are likely to be accustomed to hearing an automated menu or a robotic voice message while calling a company for services. This technology is Interactive Voice Response IVR. It is a telephony system and a form of communication technology that helps customers in getting to the right human operator or answering the queries based on the menu options they choose. IVR cloud solutions have become an industry standard. It helps companies to save costs and organizational efficiencies, leading to customer satisfaction. Most of the IVR systems instigate users’ select options either through a natural language menu or using the keypad in their phone. It helps users to navigate to a particular department or service area without any hassle or transferring around. The organization can structure the menu in a way that is more comfortable and relevant to their customers, whether based on products, department, or issue types.

How Can IVR improve the customer service for businesses?

IVR cloud solutions offer several benefits that help ameliorate the customer services for various businesses. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Increases Call Center Efficiency: When an Interactive Voice Response system is placed, the customer calls with more critical issues are routed to the best suitable agents, which leads to a faster time of resolution. The system menu is structured in a manner that allows customers to select options that place them in the best available queue.

A thoughtfully structured menu can also increase the rate of customers’ self-service resolutions. It helps in reducing the need for human business representatives to answer every call, with basic queries. This helps agents to free up their time and energy for more critical queries, increasing the call center’s efficiency.

  • Set Inbound Call Priority: Multi-level Solution helps in giving more customer history that allows the IVR system to prioritize important callers and place them in front of the queue. Certain options can be hidden from the IVR and made available when any VIPs or executive call comes in. IVR systems also allow businesses to set up the priority level depending upon different services/ products in the customer menu. For instance, a higher level of service for technical support option calls can be prioritized above the general inquiries.
  • Conduct Customer Service Surveys: The IVR systems can help an enterprise in conducting different types of surveys like “are you satisfied with the service?” or “were your questions answered?” IVR adds the option of a customer service survey at the end of each call. After structuring the system with survey capabilities, it will automatically ask the customer to stay on the line after their call. The most effective surveys ask one or two questions that help businesses in improving their shortcomings.
  • Messaging Updates: An IVR system allows enterprises to easily update customer messaging. If there is a notification of a software update or a sudden service outage, IVR immediately sends a message alert to customers. Moreover, in case of high volume of calls, a message update can be sent to the customers. Customers may appreciate knowing the reason for the longer wait time and may also seek an alternative method of communication like email or live chat.
  • Call Back Request: The most advanced up-to-date Interactive Voice Response like Knowlarity offers customers for call-back options. It enables the customers to maintain their positions in the queue without remaining in the line. Especially during the time of high call volumes, this call-back request shows that the enterprise respects the customers’ time, which enhances customer satisfaction.

There are multiple IVR solution providers in India that can guarantee such benefits for thousands of businesses. IVR system in India can be best achieved by Knowlarity. Knowlarity is one of the best IVR number providers featuring various unique characteristics like multi-lingual support, 24*7 customer support service, intelligent call routing, customizable menu, concurrent calls, call recording, and so on. While IVR solutions offer many immediate services, many enterprises set up and simply forget about it. It is a good idea to review the setup of the IVR solution from time to time. Businesses or enterprises should make sure that they are making the best out of the advanced technology, which would help improve their standards.

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